Legend of the Blarney Stone

When most people think about St. Patrick’s Day they envision leprechauns, shamrocks, bagpipers and beer – lots and lots of green beer! While all of those things have become synonymous with America’s favorite green holiday, there is also a lot of heavily rooted tradition behind the Irish holiday. In Boynton Beach, we celebrate the holiday with our annual Blarney Bash event by paying homage to the legendary Blarney Stone.

Many Irish folks believe that all good stories stem from a legend. One such tale hales from the region Northwest of Cork, Ireland where you can find the infamous Blarney Stone. The stone is a block of limestone built into the battlements of the Blarney Castle. According to legend, there’s a magical force within the stone that upon being kissed bestows a person with the gifts of eloquent speech, persuasiveness, and flattery. Sounds crazy, right!?

Well, apparently there’s some truth to the folktale because over the years the stone has become one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations. Each year people from all over the world flock to the Blarney Castle for their chance to be bestowed with one or all of the special gifts. Puckering up to the legendary stone, while leaning in a backward position is something thousands have checked off of their bucket list or spontaneously endeavored.

We may be far away from Ireland, but the legend lives on here in Boynton Beach at the annual Blarney Bash event. No, we don’t have a castle or the same breathtaking views that can be found in Ireland. What we do have is a world of fun in store for you at this year’s festival, which is sure to be a blast for attendees of all ages!  

This FREE event will be located in Downtown Boynton Beach at the Ocean Avenue Amphitheatre, located at 129 E. Ocean Avenue, from 4 – 9 PM. Green is the theme, so come dressed in your most festive St. Patrick’s Day attire for your chance to win our Shamrock Costume Contest. The bash is sure to entertain with leprechauns and other costumed characters, free kid’s activities, Irish food, green beer, and live music from Rogue Theory, SteelTown Religion, and Celtic Mayhem.

Visit our Facebook for more information about this event.

Mark your calendars now and come be lucky in Boynton Beach!






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