YogaFit Studios-Live Healthy, Be Happy


Are you like most people, always looking for a new health club, but can’t seem to find a place where you fit in? Look no further, go to YogaFit studios, located at 1517 S. Federal Highway in Boynton Beach. This Studio has all the right tools to get you on the right path to a new you!

Charles Anzalone, the owner of the Boynton Beach YogaFit franchise, promotes a healthy, relaxed way of living with all of the classes that his studio offers.

“YogaFit has something for everyone; we want to build a community that promotes health and wellness,” stated Anzalone.

With 12 professional licensed instructors, YogaFit offers five different types of classes which are open to all ages and skill levels.

The Yoga Restore class is restorative yoga, focuses on breathing, mental and physical relaxation that will help you re-energize your daily routine.

The Flow classes focus on poses like the warrior and downward facing dog.

The YogaFlow1 class is a foundational vinyasa flow that will strengthen and stretch your entire body. YogaFlow2 classes build off Flow1 with a quicker pace and additional poses, taking your practice to the next level.

The YogaBurn class is a full body workout with cardio, strength and resistance band training.

Lastly, the YogaBarre class concentrates on targeted muscle movements to increase stability and core strength, it’s packed with weights and ballet barre exercises.

Do you have an inconsistent schedule? No problem. YogaFit is flexible, offering an average of 5 classes per day! Members get 24×7 access to the studio to practice when there are no classes scheduled using the video on demand setup.

Don’t wait – take advantage of YogaFit’s extremely competitive monthly membership fees. The company also offers a $10 off monthly fees for seniors and students.

If you still feel unsure about taking the plunge, this Studio has another incentive. Your first week of class is FREE!

Visit the Boynton Beach YogaFit Studio today to start your body transformation.  Follow them on Facebook for updates and visit their website to pick out a class.


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