For many pet owners, their furry four-legged friends are more than just pets; they are a blessed part of the family. While there are many veterinary offices throughout Boynton Beach, few offer alternative medicine options. However, that is exactly what is offered at the Healing Heart veterinarian clinic: a holistic approach to caring for your beloved pets.

Healing Heart, located at 222 W. Boynton Beach Boulevard, is owned and operated by Nancy Keller D.V.M., an integrative practitioner who specializes in alternative, complementary medicines using various holistic modalities. Dr. Keller has dedicated over twenty years to the study and practice of such modalities, incorporating them into her thirty year background in traditional veterinary medicine.

Holistic medicine’s goal is to build the body’s immune system to an ultimate level of health and well-being, enabling the innate and natural ability to heal and balance in the face of disease. Healing Heart offers a variety of treatments to help pets, such as: acupuncture, body talk, chiropractic care, cold laser therapy, non-anesthetic dental work, homeopathy, NAET, nutritional counseling, ozone therapy, pool therapy, as well as the use of all natural vitamins and supplements.

In 2000, Healing Heart purchased two historic vacant homes and combined them into one commercial project. The buildings are connected by a breezeway separating the veterinary clinic from what is currently being developed as a holistic health center for people offering chiropractic, massage therapy, acupuncture, and ozone services.

Healing Heart is also home to Jessie’s Pool, a salt-based, in-ground pool used for physical therapy, rehab, exercise and recreational swimming for dogs. “Many people do not allow their dog the proper exercise. The pool allows your pets to exercise in comfort, it is gentle on their bones, and there is no compression or tears,” said Dr. Keller. “Swimming is like the Zen type of exercise for them.”

The vet clinic, holistic health center for people and canine swimming pool are collectively called “Healing Heart Grounds.” Surrounded by majestic trees, native plants and butterflies, the entire property was designed to create a palpable atmosphere of peace and positive feeling. “The beauty of nature is able to lift the spirits of all who come to heal here,” observed Dr. Keller.

If you’re looking for nontraditional veterinarian care for your animal friend, look no further than Healing Heart. Dr. Keller and her staff are incredibly passionate about animals and will guide you through the services that would be most beneficial for your pet. The clinic can be reached at (561) 740-1313 or online at www.healingheartvet.com. You can learn more about Jessie’s Pool and book a private, assisted dog swim by calling (561) 509-6319.

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