Del Sol Bakery-We’ll Bake You Happy

Del sol 3 M's

If you are like most people, bread is a large part of your life, and sometimes getting bread from your average grocery store just doesn’t satisfy your craving. So the question remains, where can you buy delicious fresh breads made like the old days? You are in luck, because Del Sol Bakery, an artisan bread bakery has recently opened at 1600 N. Federal Hwy Suite 15 in Boynton Beach.

Family owned and operated Del Sol’s General Manager Monica Martinez and her two daughters Michelle and Melisa seem to have it all down to a system, baking the best naturally leavened artisan breads, hand-rolled croissants and pastries, made-to-order cakes, cookies, brownies and seasonal specialties. Last month Pastry Chef Jason Gilmer specializing in cakes, sweets, brioche bread joined the team! Their shop is open to the public offering daily chef’s special, specialty platters and cakes made to order. In addition to the retail aspect of Del Sol Bakery, they also provide a vast amount of catering options for parties, events or those who have a sweet tooth or special passion for bread and want to stock-up.

The owner and baker of Del Sol, Michelle Gingold began her baking journey when she was a young girl; her passion and creativity for baking is inspired by her maternal grandmother who motivated her to become the master she is today. “I’ve been baking at home my whole life. One day it just clicked: this is what I love doing and this is what I want to do in my life.” Michelle stated.

Preparing each batch of dough daily, Del Sol focuses on providing all natural, fresh ingredients as opposed to store bought breads. “We are your neighborhood bakery, just like the old days, you come in to pick up your weekly breads, and get cookies for the kids” said Monica.

Del Sol is driven to provide a quality product to the locals in Boynton Beach. They have hopes to become a distributor to local restaurants and cafes and thus far you can find their breads and croissants being used at Infusions Café and Sailfish Cafe in Boynton Beach. Del Sol is all about small businesses connecting and promoting local support.

There is nothing like a neighborhood bakery, when you first walk into Del Sol you will immediately notice the kitchen with an aroma of homemade breads and freshly baked goods.  Aside from amazing homemade breads and pastries, Monica, Michelle and Melisa create a personal connection with their customers, and that is what makes Del Sol so special.

Visit them today at 1600 N. Federal Hwy suite 15 and enjoy your first cookie, scone, baguette or croissant, as they say “We’ll Bake You Happy”.

You can also visit them at Del Sol Bakery or follow them on their Facebook





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