The Boynton Harbor Marina Ribbon Cutting


Boynton Harbor Marina: Redeveloped and Open for Business

On Friday, March 31, 2017, the Boynton Beach Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) celebrated a monumental day that represented thirteen long years of hard work and dedication, as the Marina Open Space and Roadway Improvement project ended with a ceremonial ribbon cutting ceremony at the Boynton Harbor Marina.

The project began in 2006, shortly after the approval from the CRA Board of Directors and Boynton Beach Commissioners. Michael Simon, who is now the CRA’s Interim Executive Director, headed the development project. The CRA collaborated with many design and construction firms, including AW Architects, Collage Construction, VHB Inc., and Kaufman Lynn Construction that successfully completed the project.

To get the process started the CRA bought a large portion of the marina from the Two Georges Waterfront Restaurant, and renamed it the “Boynton Harbor Marina”.  The project was completed in three key phases that enables more public access to the waterfront, and directly assists in promoting Boynton Beach as a premiere tourist and marine destination.

Phase I implemented a land and fuel dock preserving the local commercial and marine industry, which features docks, piers, and fish cleaning stations, along with electrical water metering systems. This phase upgraded the docks from narrow dilapidated finger piers that were not up to code to state-of-the-art fixed aluminum frame docking system.  The docks are made of a Brazilian hardwood known as “ipe” with a lifespan of up to 40yrs.  New utility centers were placed at each slip to provide boaters with 30 amp/50amp/ and 110 electric service as well as potable water.

In addition, a very important part of this project was dredging the basin.  The dredging provides vessels with enough water depth to use the docks.  The marina is now able to accommodate vessels up to 45’ in length which is currently occupied by fishing charters, dive charters, rental boats, wave runner rentals and boat clubs  The fuel dock/transient dock on the Intracoastal was also upgraded with a similar aluminum/ “ipe” docking system as part of this phase.  The fueling dispensers are top of the line marine equipment capable of dispensing fuel at speeds up to 60 gallons per minute. As an added bonus, the fuel has the “Valvtect” additive, which is very popular with boaters.

Phase II upgraded the existing fuel lines with new high efficiency gas pumps, a ship store, and public restrooms. The Harbor Master Building Project was a positive addition making the marina attractive to boaters that needed fuel and a transient dock for a temporary stop. The ship store is a great addition, as it has now become a one-stop shop for boaters.  They can fill up; purchase ice, bait, snacks, and other last minute items before heading out for a fun day on the water. Additionally, the Harbor Master Building houses the marina offices, fuel monitoring equipment, and the marina equipment storage areas.

In December 2014, at the end of this phase, the Harbor Master Building was operational. The landscaping around the building provides a great waterfront area for residents and visitors to enjoy providing upfront seats on the Intracoastal for local events, such as the annual Holiday Boat Parade.

The final phase of the project, Phase III the Marina Open Space Project consisted of adding green space and designated seating areas for patrons to utilize while waiting to board fishing or dive charters.   This beautiful addition provides visitors and tourists with a relaxing environment to take in the beautiful views available at the Boynton Harbor Marina waterfront.

The completion of the Marina Redevelopment Project creates an attractive, functional economic driver that will offer tourism opportunities and enhance the visitor’s overall experience. The Marina Redevelopment Project is an integral component of the Boynton Beach Downtown Vision & Master Plan and 2016 Boynton Beach Community Redevelopment Plan.

Visitors are welcome to savor a delicious dish or creative cocktail from Two Georges Waterfront Restaurant or Banana Boat while enjoying dinner on the Intracoastal Waterway.

The Boynton Harbor Marina is home to the finest charter operations in South Florida and is easy access to the Atlantic Gulfstream waters for great fishing, diving, jet skiing and exploring the Intracoastal Waterway. We welcome you to book your next voyage and discover tropical paradise in Boynton Beach.


  •  Scuba Diving Charters

      –Loggerhead Enterprise

(561) 588-8686

Splashdown Divers

(561) 736-0712

Starfish Enterprise

(561) 212-2954

Underwater Explorers

(561) 577-3326

  • Fishing Charters

Chips Ahoy Charter

(561) 436-1417

Great Day Sports Fishing

(561) 732-1980

Ham’r Time Sport Fishing Charters

(561) 685-1207

Miller Time Fishing Charter

(561) 732-3597

  • Boat Rental

Boynton Beach Boat Rentals

(561) 585-8721

– Gulfstream Boat Club

(561) 865-7797

Freedom Boat Club

(561) 303-2880

  • Drift Fishing

Seamist III Drift Fishing

(561) 732-9974

  • Jet Ski Rentals

Intracoastal Jet Ski and Boat Rentals

(561) 735-0612

Boynton Beach Boat and Jet Ski Rental

(561) 588-3111

  • Intracoastal Pleasure Cruise Charter

Limbo Charter

(561) 735-1433

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