Dutch Bakers Come to Boynton Beach

In 2013, the Netherlands was rated by the U.N. as the fourth happiest country in the world. Could it possibly be something in the bread? According to Bond and Smolders owner Patty Smolders, “The bread is nothing like American bread. Instead, it’s soft and sweet.”

Patty Smolders and her husband, Ralph Bond, relocated to Boynton Beach from the Netherlands last summer. They brought with them their successful Dutch bakery. With so many French bakeries around, Bond and Smolders is the first of its kind, specializing in Danish pastries such as appelbollen and domkoekjes.

But Bond and Smolders is not just a take-out bakery, the shop also serves as a cafe featuring breakfast and lunch. If the smell of fresh baked bread isn’t enough to lure you in the door, the visually appealing decor may do the trick. The store manager, Philip Van Egmond, painted the mural on the wall and illustrations on the floor. The furniture in the store is also homemade, giving the cafe a uniquely chic, European look.

Bond and Smolders menu features a variety of hot chocolate, tea and coffee, an array of hot and cold sandwiches, salads and breakfast specialties. Daily specials offer a selection of quiches, specialty sandwiches and baked goods. Nani’s Doughnuts also has a variety of delicious fried dough creations to try. Everything on the menu is fresh and homemade. The menu is ever-changing so you can count on always trying something new. The staff is friendly and happy to share their suggestions on the daily specials. There is indoor and outdoor seating if you’d like to sit and enjoy your meal. Bond and Smolders is located at 1622 S. Federal Hwy., Boynton Beach in Sunshine Square.

Although Dutch happiness may not be in dough, this bakery is a local gem for fresh baked goods here in Boynton Beach.



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