Saxon; Boynton’s Newest Cocktail Bar

Sweetwater, in Boynton Beach, has set the bar for epicureanism  in South Florida. The restaurant is the proud holder of twelve accolades, including  the “best cocktail bar in Palm Beach County” according to the New Times in 2014. The owners, Clint Reed and Sean Iglehart, have expanded this eatery to include the new Saxon Cocktail Bar right next door. “Saxon was born out of necessity,” Reed explained to Boca Life Magazine, “There was upward of a one-hour wait around the summer,” he said, “We were so busy that we just frankly need the space.”

But Saxon isn’t just an expansion of the Sweetwater Restaurant, which features a speakeasy-style  atmosphere. Saxon features its own unique style, theme, and cocktail menu. “With countless chandeliers, long driftwood pieces, and stag antlers adorning the space, Saxon takes guests back to 1920s Western Europe, around the height of old-school cocktail culture,” Reed said, “Walking into Saxon, guests might feel like they’re in an episode of British drama series ‘Downton Abbey’.”

The owners plan to keep Saxon ever-evolving through the seasons. Each cocktail will reflect the bar’s overall theme which will be continuously changing for a totally engrossing experience.

Presentation is everything at Saxon. Each drink has been purposely created to be experienced with all five senses.  For example, the “Fox Trot” (pictured above) is a sherry, Irish whiskey, lavender-infused Drambuie, lemon oil blend which is served in a snifter and delivered on a wooden tray, nestled in a bed of petrified moss, accompanied with burning incense; or the “Downstairs Mix-Up” which features a Buddha-cello, Bigallet China liqueur, thyme, and egg white blend served in a whiskey tulip and presented inside a metal birdcage. “We don’t want to be pretentious, but we definitely want people to walk away with the immersive experience,” Reed said.

Both Sweetwater and Saxon will offer the same food menu, and will soon be presenting brunch. Saxon is located at  1507 S. Federal Highway, Boynton Beach and is accessible through Sweetwater.


One thought on “Saxon; Boynton’s Newest Cocktail Bar

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