Rice Fine Thai & Asian Fusion

Walking in to Rice Fine Thai & Sushi, your eyes are instantly greeted with a lovely atmosphere of crisp tablecloths, bright hanging lanterns and lovely artwork. Don’t let the beautiful atmosphere fool you, casual attire is all you need for this eatery.

The staff is welcoming and the menu is expansive. Living up to its name, Rice Fine Thai & Asian Fusion, offers an array of traditional Thai dishes, along with many fusion dishes to satisfy the palate. Each dish is beautifully prepared and presented to each guest. “Every plate at Rice Fine Thai & Asian Fusion looks like a delicious piece of art. When Chef Anne creates her exquisite dishes, she feeds your eyes first, with vivid fresh orchids and skillfully carved, colorful vegetables.”

Each dish is as tasty as it is beautiful. On their menu there is something for everyone, from sushi, to duck, seafood, soup and salad, and a large variety of vegetarian dishes to please any individual preference. Every dish is put together with thought and care to make sure the flavors meld perfectly. My personal favorite is the honey duck. It is always consummately crisp, and not too sweet. Served over the house fried rice, all the flavors are in harmony.


Rice also features a full service bar, with a large beer and wine list. If you’re looking for a great date night spot, or just a place to grab a good lunch in Boynton Beach, look no further than Rice Fine Thai & Asian Fusion, tucked away at 1610 South Federal Highway, Boynton Beach.


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